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Chinese fortune sticks

Bundles of these sticks were placed in jars and gently shaken until a few sticks stuck out above the rest, or fell out. Holding the can almost upright, shook gently until 1 or more sticks began to stick out above the others. They took them out, looked up your stick and read your fortune  there.

Real Chinese fortune sticks

Using a can and some craft sticks you can make your own.
Our Chinese fortune sticks!

But I made my own "fortune sticks". I used them as prompts for reading, speaking and writing with my older kids. Print, cut and laminate. You can place the "sticks" in a red jar. Let children shake the jar and pick the card that stick out the others. Ask children to read the card and speak (or write) about it.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Loving Sums file folder

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Love in Spanish

Children who know how to a foreign language will have many advantages as they grow older. To increase the new language readers and speaker’s abilities, practice and creativity will enhance learning.

St. Valentine is around the corner and I decided to make a new set of Spanish cards 
for your word wall.

What can you do with these cards? These are some ideas:

Word walls cards can be used:
  • To provide reference for children during their reading and writing.
  • To support the teaching of important general principals about words and how they work.
  • To provide a visual map to help children remember connections between words and the characteristics that will help them form categories.
  • To foster reading and writing.
  • To promote independence on the part of young students as they work with words in writing and reading.
  • To develop a growing core of words that become part of a reading and writing vocabulary.
You can also sort words by:
  • the number of letters
  • the number of syllables
  • the number of consonants
  • the number of sounds
  • if they have a certain vowel
  • if they have a certain rhyme
  • if they begin with the same letter

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100 days of school

Just print and let your kids count how many pictures can they see.

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